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The Laser Solution for Maximum System Performance
Pro-Align® lets you align all power transmission devices faster, easier, and more effectively than ever before. System misalignment is a leading cause of premature chain wear. Our advanced laser technology ensures precise chain-sprocket interaction for maximum performance.

  • Chain life is extended
  • Shafts and bearings last longer
  • Friction and vibration is lower, using less energy
  • Cost and inventory levels are reduced

Increase Productivity
Conventional alignment methods can be difficult to position, inaccurate, and produce erratic results — costing you valuable production time. Pro-Align® gets the job done fast. It sets up easily — even in tight spaces — and eliminates the backlash effects of water, shock, and corrosion. You get reliable readings right away and can quickly get back to business.

  • Requires minimal downtime, maintenance, and training
  • Adapts to your equipment with no costly reconfiguration
  • Accurate within 1/8” in 100 feet for precision applications
  • Maintains accuracy under the toughest operating conditions
  • Compact, lightweight, portable unit.

  • Pro-Align® - Laser Alignment System Brochure