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One-Touch Doors

Fast, Reliable Line Access

Tired of losing bolts, fighting with tools and raising your blood pressure just to perform what should be a routine closed system inspection? Then you're ready for the ONE-TOUCH INSPECTION DOOR
The ONE-TOUCH INSPECTION DOOR is not only less expensive then fabricating your own - it's also easy to install and even easier to open and re-secure. The one-touch lever opens the door easily, and then locks it for a dust tight seal.

Why do it yourself when has already built the doors for you - in stock and ready to ship. The ONE-TOUCH INSPECTION DOOR - faster, better and less expensive - for replacement, add-on or OEM use.

Our prefabricated steel doors seal out dust and rain but permit line inspections simply by lifting the handle — with no bolts to loosen and no covers to misplace. A variety of sizes and styles are in-stock and ready-to-go for quick and easy installation at the jobsite. You can’t build better access to your lines.