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Sugar Industry  

The confectionery industry every step of the way - from sugar refineries to final consumer packaging lines. Union® engineering class chains offer the reliable performance you need for sweet deals. And our long line of standard, lube-free, and corrosion-resistant chains deliver high-value operations in manufacturing and packaging applications.

Sugar mills require strong, reliable chains to move cane through the manufacturing processes. We manufacture many types of chains used in the sugar industry, including Conveyor, Bagasse Carrier, Drop Forged Rivetless, Welded Steel, and Main Cane Apron Conveyors. Our chains are specially designed to meet the high tonnage and extensive operating conditions of modern mills.

We build quality into every Union® Sugar Chain.
Proper Fit

Union® Sugar Chains are designed to fit your equipment properly, with precision where you need precision and ruggedness where you need ruggedness.

Strong, Long-Lasting Materials

We create the right balance of high carbon and alloy steel in every component to ensure proper hardness and strength. You get chain that can stand up to the hard use of sugar mills.

Heat-Treated for Extended Wear Life

All chain components are heat-treated to our rigid specifications for longer wear life. You get long-lasting, cost effective chain for your sugar mill.

Constructed to Resist Breakage

Links are sub-assembled on modern hydraulic presses with accurate fixturing. The result is a very high press fit of pins and bushings in sidebars, which produces the highest resistance to breakage under shock loads and keeps the chain straight and square to rigidly support chain flights.