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Material Handling  

The Union® Chain Division is the leading supplier of Sortation and Bi-planer Chains in the distribution and material handling industries for some very good reasons.

Union® welds hold better

Most manufacturers use hand welds, which frequently introduce defects into the chain system. We developed an automatic method to weld the bosses to the sidebars. Welds are consistently sound and the proper size.

Sidebars are treated for extra strength and long wear

We heat-treat sidebars with atmosphere-controlled furnaces to match the carbon levels. Temperatures are controlled by microprocessors to maintain proper austenitizing and tempering conditions. The result is stronger chains for your machinery.

Quality checks ensure accuracy

We test every temper load to make sure parts meet your specifications. That means you get reliable chain for your operation.

Make In-Line Inspections Easy

Put machinery access at your fingertips. ONE-TOUCH INSPECTION DOOR® is a dust- and rain-tight inspection and service door for conveyors, as well as processing and handling equipment. These pre-fabricated units are in-stock and ready-to-go for easy installation at the job site. Once in place, ONE-TOUCH INSPECTION DOOR allows for quick and simple inspection without the need for special tools: just lift the lever! No bolts to loosen and no covers to misplace.