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Fiberglass Insulation  

Roller Conveyors

Protect in-plant processes with high-quality Roller Conveyor Chain from U.S. Tsubaki’s Union® Engineering Chain Division, an expert in the manufacture of specialized conveyors and chain for all major industries.

Roller Conveyor Chain is backed by innovative engineering. Every step in the process is designed to deliver long-lasting Conveyor Chain for your application. You get better performance and longer service life.

The steels used to make Roller Conveyor Chain are selected for optimum wear and performance. We use premium grades of steel on heat-treated and non-heat-treated chains. That means high strength for long-term, reliable performance at your operation.

We use sophisticated tooling to maximize precision. Our modern press tools pierce and then broach the holes in the sidebars to provide the best bearing area between the pin and sidebar. This careful attention to detail means longer wear life and greater fatigue strength.