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Food Processing  

Food processing is a large industry with several subcategories, and each has special needs and requirements. Manufactures chain for a wide variety of applications in the food industry. Some carry heavy loads, some are subjected to high temperatures, and others endure frequent washdowns. Each requires reliable chain to move product quickly and efficiently. However, the types of chain vary, depending on the application.

Dehydrator Ovens

Dehydrator ovens remove moisture from foods at a temperature around 200°F. This mildly corrosive environment can be hard on some chains. That’s why we provide heat-treated carbon steels or stainless steels.

Cooker Ovens

Transferring canned goods through a pressurized steam-filled chamber is an important step in food processing. These Union® chains are designed for corrosion resistance to withstand the hot, damp environment within the cooker unit.

Canned and frozen product processing can be tough on conveyor lines - and on profits. Our chains, sprockets, and power transmission components are built for peak performance under extreme temperatures, pressure, high speeds, and humidity. When applications threaten to destroy your lines.