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Bucket Elevator Chains (4000 Series)

Engineering Chain Division has developed a truly remarkable line of bucket elevator chains designed for service in fertilizer plants. These chains provide the highest ultimate and fatigue strengths available for this application. In addition, our innovative barrier seal design in these Chains helps prevent abrasive materials from entering and attacking the chain joints.

Steel Bushed

Union® Engineering Chain Division Steel Bushed Chains are specially designed and manufactured to provide excellent service in severe working conditions. Our chains are manufactured to close tolerances with the most modern equipment in the industry.

Each component is made from high-quality steels and then specially heat-treated to provide maximum performance and long wear life. Joint parts are hardened to provide greater strength and wear resistance. Sidebars are hardened to achieve ultra-high strength throughout.

Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyor Chain is backed by innovative engineering. Every step in the process is designed to deliver long-lasting Conveyor Chain for your application. You get better performance and longer service life.

The steels used to make Roller Conveyor Chain are selected for optimum wear and performance. They are manufactured to fine grain practice to ensure greater strength and toughness. We use premium grades of carbon steels on heat-treated and non-heat-treated chains. That means high strength for long-term, reliable performance at your operation.

Protect in-plant processes with high-quality Roller Conveyor Chain from Union®, an expert in the manufacture of specialized conveyors and chain for all major industries.

Welded Steel
Welded Steel Chain is designed and manufactured to offer strength, precision, impact resistance, and wear resistance. This versatile chain is built to withstand punishing shock loads and abrasive conditions. Each component is engineered to close tolerances.

Water Treatment

Union’s Traveling Water and Bar Screens are specially designed to stand up to this corrosive environment. Pins and bushings are through hardened for extended wear life. Rollers are constructed of cast iron or through hardened stainless steel.

Stacker Reclaimers

Chain for this demanding application should provide the longest service life to achieve the best overall value. Chain must have large bearing areas, high hardnesses and deep case depths to provide the best performance.