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Cement Plants  

The Union® Chain Division has developed a truly remarkable line of bucket elevator chains designed especially for service in cement plants. These chains provide the highest ultimate and fatigue strengths available for this application. In addition, our innovative barrier seal design in the 4000 Series Chains helps prevent abrasive materials from entering and attacking the chain joints.

Maximum Strength

The Union® 4000 Series Chains are made of specially selected alloy steel, and they possess ultimate strength ratings approximately 45% higher than competitive brands. Exceptionally smooth pitch holes for high interference fits. This piercing method, combined with shot peening, yields maximum fatigue strength and protects against failure—even when chains are challenged by the most severe applications.

Barrier Seal Design for Longer Wear Life

The 4000 Series Chain bushings extend beyond the inside sidebar to establish a barrier. This virtually eliminates abrasive material from entering the pin/bushing joint area. This heavy duty hardened part will not wear out prematurely, and it will not separate from the chain and contaminate current plant production batches. Located between the inside and outside sidebars, the barrier seals prevent a build-up of material due to “flooding” of the elevator boot section, which can result in dry cavitation of pins.

Dual Strand Elevator Chains

The dual strand elevator chains have what it takes to move heavy industry. With alloy pins and rollers and carbon heat treat sidebars, our chains are designed to handle your toughest applications.

Stacker Reclaimers

Stacker Reclaimers are popular when heavy industrial processes require that large storage piles of lump material are necessary. Reclaimer chain and flight assemblies function like scraper conveyors, less the trough, with flight blades that push material toward a belt feeding conveyor. The reclaimer conveyor's chain with digging flights are supported by rails and structure which span over or across the pile being reclaimed for transfer to plant processes.

Chain for this demanding application should provide the longest service life to achieve the best overall value. Chain must have large bearing areas, high hardnesses and deep case depths to provide the best performance. Union® Chain Division engineers have used these principles while retrofitting many reclaiming conveyors with chain and sprockets, achieving service life which is longer than O.E.M. chains. For the superior value and performance, Union® Chain is your best choice.

WHX Series Heavy Duty Drag

From our induction hardened pins, heat treat sidebars and precision welding techniques, our welded steel chains are designed and manufactured to offer strength, precision and impact resistance. In addition, all of our WHX drag chains include hard face welding on all sliding services for wear resistance.