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The Union® Chain Division . Keeps the beverages flowing at breweries, soft drink bottlers, and juice manufacturers throughout the world. We make chain that is used in bottlewashers, pasteurizers, and sterilizers. There are hundreds of specifications and configurations that can be used in these applications, depending on the type and capacity of equipment, size of bottles, and many other factors. We have a wide range of chains available, or we can make a chain to your exact specifications.

Make In-Line Inspections Easy

Put machinery access at your fingertips. ONE-TOUCH INSPECTION DOOR® is a dust- and rain-tight inspection and service door for conveyors, as well as processing and handling equipment. These pre-fabricated units are in-stock and ready-to-go for easy installation at the job site. Once in place, ONE-TOUCH INSPECTION DOOR allows for quick and simple inspection without the need for special tools: just lift the lever! No bolts to loosen and no covers to misplace.