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Bakery Applications  

Commercial Baking Ovens

Engineering Class Chains are excellent in this application because they stand up to high temperatures and can be used in horizontal and vertical configurations. We offer a variety of constructions for baking and proofer ovens. Contact Union® Engineering for more information.

In an industry that thrives on freshness, downtime is lost money. You need equipment that performs at peak capacity. Our products are built for versatility. We offer reliable, long-lasting conveyor chains and attachment chains to handle your complete product line of perishable, dry, or frozen baked goods. We have chains and sprockets that can handle extreme temperatures. Our complete line of high-performance power transmission products has the breadth to take you to the top.

Make your system - and your profits - rise to any occasion. Your profits are on the line every day. Count on U.S. Tsubaki to deliver innovative, cost-effective power transmission products that keep your operation running at maximum capacity.