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High Sidebar Roller Conveyor Chain/ CC5 Chain

CC5 High Sidebar Roller Conveyor Chain is the most widely used conveyor chain in the auto industry, and no wonder:

  • CC5 meets industry quality standards, which means better reliability for your application.
  • CC5 rolls on any flat, firm surface, which means “instant conveying” for auto parts.
  • CC5 can be customized, including welded-on flat tops, hex holes in sidebars for gravity roll
    conveyors, top rollers, and custom-specified attachments.

Flat Top and Gull Wing Chains

Double strand Flat Top Chain with outboard carrying rollers moves heavy loads with dependability. Top plate surfaces may be smooth, checkered, or nonskid. Chain pitch ranges from 4" to 24". Gull Wing Chain provides an alternative to Flat Top, keeping the conveyed materials in line during movement. Either style can be made from a variety of materials and heat-treated to stand up to extreme conditions.

Drop Forged Rivetless Chains

Drop Forged Rivetless Chains from U.S. Tsubaki offer an optimum combination of chain strength and wear life. Quality heat-treated steel provides hardness where it matters to reduce line breaks. Precise pitch control ensures consistent, reliable performance. Power and free units, multi-lane operations, trolley conveyors, overhead handling systems — choose Union® Drop Forged Rivetless Chain whenever dependable material handling is required.

UWL-Drop Forged Rivetless Chains

Ultra Wear Life Drop Forged Rivetless Chains are innovative products that extend wear life of rivetless chain 40 percent or more. This extraordinary performance is achieved with special steels and a special pin hardening process. That means significant savings of time and money, by reducing maintenance and change out costs, decreasing downtime, and lowering repair bills.

Caterpillar Drive (Power) Chains

Caterpillar Drive Chains must deliver fatigue-free operation. Every part of Caterpillar Drive Chain from the Union® Chain Division is top of the line. The entire assembly is designed to operate flawlessly in combination with Drop Forged Rivetless Chain.

Top Roller Chains

Build a long-lasting accumulating conveyor for heavy loads. Top Roller Chain is designed for engine production lines or any time you want to temporarily stop or accumulate products or materials without halting the entire line. With Top Roller Chain, you can stop the movement of conveyed products while the line continues to roll beneath. This affords manufacturing with buffer storage between production operations necessary to ensure consistent process throughput.

Make In-Line Inspections Easy

Put machinery access at your fingertips. ONE-TOUCH INSPECTION DOOR® is a dust- and rain-tight inspection and service door for conveyors, as well as processing and handling equipment. These pre-fabricated units are in-stock and ready-to-go for easy installation at the job site. Once in place, ONE-TOUCH INSPECTION DOOR allows for quick and simple inspection without the need for special tools: just lift the lever! No bolts to loosen and no covers to misplace. One touch is all it’s that simple.