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Amusement Park Chains  

The Union® Chain Division brings fun—and safety—to amusement parks across the United States and Canada. We are the preferred supplier for hundreds of parks and a member of the Amusement Industry Manufacturers & Suppliers (AIMS) International. This helps us keep abreast of the strict requirements with today’s safety and quality standards. Union® Amusement Park Chains are individually designed to ensure maximum strength and durability. This is of the utmost importance in an application like this where safety and reliability are so important. High quality alloy steels are used when appropriate. And we use special quality enhancing methods during manufacture and rigorous quality assurance procedures, including dimensional measurements, ultimate strength testing, hardness, and metallurgical analysis.

New From Union®!
The Pro-Pack™ for Amusement Parks!
For Amusement Park Professionals

Maintenance on amusement park rides can be challenging. To help keep your equipment running smoothly, has pulled together the best chain care and maintenance products in the industry. We offer the ultimate combination of liners, lubricants, and chain maintenance tools to save you time and money.

The Pro-Pack™ kit includes:

Hiber-Pro® Lubrication. Send your chains into hibernation during the off-season with our specially formulated grease system. Hiber-Pro® is sprayed onto the chain to protect it during downtime. When the ride is in service, the coating acts like a lubricant to facilitate startup.

Pro-Coat® Series Grease Systems. Protect your chains from rust and corrosion with an outstanding grease-maintenance program. Pro-Coat® is specially formulated for lift and water ride chains to protect your investment.

Pro-Guard™ Liner Systems. Our dual color-coded track liner helps you detect problem spots and plan replacements at a glance. These specially formulated liners reduce friction and extend the wear life of chain.

PRO-ALIGN® Laser Alignment System. System misalignment is the leading cause of chain wear. Our patented laser alignment system ensures proper chain-to-sprocket interaction for maximum performance.

Prosemble®. Assembly/Disassembly Tool provides consistency in chain assembly. It allows for better chain assembly by pressing pins in straight and square with greater ability to control flex clearance and reproducibility.