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Solve Special Material Handling Problems

Union® is proud to offer Specialty Conveyor Chains for conveying applications that run in extreme conditions. Our Specialty Conveyor Chains are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of a variety of continuous and intermittent material handling applications when belt, screw, or pneumatic conveyors are not appropriate.

Specialty Conveyor Chains provide high strength, accurate handling, and minimal wear elongation. In fact, they are superior to any other kind of conveyor equipment.

Conveyor Chains for Special Applications

Smooth and stable flow of material depends on the performance of your conveyor chain. Even a simple conveying system will not run smoothly and provide stable on-line loads without the proper chain. To move raw materials or heavy bulk items or to operate in extreme conditions, rely on Specialty Conveyor Chains to get the job done.

Built to Work in Your Applications

Specialty Conveyor Chains are built to last in the most challenging conditions. In fact, we build the quality
into every step.

  • Materials are selected to stand up to extreme temperatures and shock loads.
  • Each chain is manufactured to tight tolerances to ensure the highest standards.
  • Components are finely finished and accurately assembled to provide high wear resistance and top performance for long periods.

When the going is tough—choose Specialty Conveyor Chains from Tsubaki.

We offer a wide variety of made-to-order combinations of steel materials and heat-treatments to create the chain you need for your application. Contact Union® Chain for details.

This chain is based on standard conveyor chain. Various types of standardized attachments are available for suitability with the conveyed material.

This chain is based on the standard S roller type conveyor chain. The pins have been extended to produce flanged outboard rollers on both sides. The sprockets engage the standard S roller at the chain center. The outboard rollers are for running and supporting the load.

This type of chain allows solid contact between the chain and material to be conveyed. There is less friction due to roller rotation over the chain guide rail.

Sanitation Chains are the ideal replacement for conventional pintle type and combination chains used in sewage disposal systems. They reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Specially designed Chains for sludge scrapers, create real cost savings. This chain is one-third the weight of conventional pintle type chains. That means a reduction in both initial and operating costs, not to mention easy maintenance and less shoe wear.

We developed JAC Type Chains specifically to meet the demanding conditions of sewage removal. These long-wearing chains are also ideal to convey sand and dirt.

Chains were specially developed for sand and dirt scrapers and conveyors. All components are constructed of high-quality stainless steel and through-hardened by heat-treatment before assembly. The link plates, pins, and bushings are press-fitted in order to ensure not only reliability against lateral and impact loads, but also protection against loosening caused by impact load cycles. ACS Chains provide long wear life and corrosion resistance.

Manufacturing experience and advanced production technology come together in the innovative Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain. Finely machined cylindrical roller bearings are incorporated into the chain. The result is improved performance in your operation.

Double Plus® Chains possess two different sized rollers. The difference in diameter of the two rollers causes the speed of the conveyed object to be approximately 2.3 times the speed of the chain. When accumulating, the large roller rotates freely in the opposite direction of the small roller, allowing conveyed objects to accumulate. This is called free flow conveying.

U.S. Tsubaki Bearing Bush chain virtually eliminates initial stretch. With needle bearings placed between the pin and bushing, Bearing Bush chain offers excellent wear life without lubrication.