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Drop Forged Rivetless Chains Drop Forged Rivetless Chains

Features of Drop Forged Rivetless Chain from U.S. Tsubaki

  • Precise pitch control provides consistency and reliability, especially for automated systems.
  • Smooth bearing areas extend the wear life of the chain.
  • Heat-treated parts provide hardness where it matters and reduce the chance of line break.
  • Simple design permits quick assembly or dismantling without tools.

Drop Forged Rivetless Chains from the Union® Chain Division are available in a range of alloy materials or standard carbon steel. Links can be matched and tagged, magnafluxed, and plated to precise specifications, either as parts or assembled into chains of any length. Union® also offers a full line of attachments, matching sprockets, and caterpillar drive chains for all forged rivetless chains.

Specify Union® Drop Forged Rivetless Chain whenever dependable material handling is required: Power and free units, multi-lane operations, trolley conveyors and overhead handling systems.

Ultra Wear Life Drop Forged Rivetless Chain extends wear life of rivetless chain. Tests under real-life conditions have proven that UWL chain lasts 40 to 50 percent longer than ordinary rivetless chain.

Barloop Chains consist of a standard forged rivetless inside block, fabricated steel sidebars, and cold drawn steel pins. Barloop Chain offers the advantage of a flat sidebar for welding attachments. The pin is securely locked in the sidebars eliminating both the wear between the pin and sidebar and the possibility of the chain coming apart when slack exists.

Caterpillar Drive Chains are vital in driving drop forged chain conveyors, so they must deliver fatigue-free operation. The Union® Caterpillar Drive Chain features high-quality roller chain with drive dogs made of one-piece forged, induction-hardened steel. The entire assembly is designed to operate flawlessly in combination with our forged rivetless chain. Our chain also meets ASME/ANSI standards.