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Welded Steel/Drag

Welded Steel Chain from Union® is designed and manufactured to offer strength, precision, impact resistance, and wear resistance. This versatile chain is built to withstand punishing shock loads and abrasive conditions. Each component is engineered to close tolerances. It is found throughout the world in lumber mills, paper pulp mills, and any industry where severe applications require strength and reliability. Welded Steel Mill and Drag Chains are available with a variety of attachments and are ideally suited for field welding.

Cost-Effective Operation

We use the best technology to accurately control hole size and pitch. That means longer wear life for chains and sprockets, reducing your operating costs.

Long-Lasting Construction

One-piece construction means bushings are stronger and last longer. You get more mileage from Union® Chain.

Built to Last

Our Welded Steel Chains are built to exacting Union® specifications using heat-treated premium-grade steel. Barrels are welded to sidebars to create the highest fatigue resistance in the industry.

Easy to Assemble

Chain pins are manufactured from high quality steels and through-hardened for maximum strength. Special design considerations include enlarged shoulders for tight press fit in the sidebars and tapered construction for rapid assembly.