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Steel Bushed

Union® Steel Bushed Engineering Chains are specially designed and manufactured to provide excellent service in severe working conditions. Our chains are manufactured to close tolerances with the most modern equipment in the industry. Each component is made from high-quality steels and then specially heat-treated to provide maximum performance and long wear life. Joint parts are hardened to provide greater strength and wear resistance. Sidebars are hardened to achieve ultra-high strength throughout.

Specify Union® Steel Bushed Chains when the system operates under gritty or abrasive conditions, such as bucket elevators and other challenging conveyor applications. Union® Steel Bushed Chains are also used to replace combination chains when installations are modified to handle heavier load.

Steel Bushed Chain Components
Strong, Tough Pins

Pins are made of select alloy steel or high-quality carbon steel. They are hardened to achieve superior strength and extend wear life. This creates the ideal combination of surface hardness for wear resistance and core toughness to resist impact.

Long-Wearing Bushings

Bushings are manufactured to exact specifications for optimum wear resistance and strength. Select steels are precision machined to maintain consistently high sidebar interference. This results in positive sidebar hold and favorable residual stress to resist fatigue. Bushings are case-hardened and heat-treated to extend the wear life.

Fatigue-Resistant Sidebars

Sidebars are through-hardened to achieve ultra-high strength. This keeps the chain hanging failure-free, ensuring consistent service life. Union® has developed superior techniques to ensure hole quality and pitch control. The result is fatigue resistance and premium performance.