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Roller Conveyor Components
Strong, Long-Lasting Pins

Pins for Union® Conveyor Chains are produced from carbon or alloy steel to stand up to the most rugged conditions. Each is produced with the utmost care to ensure proper fit in the sidebars and a smooth bearing surface. Pins are available in through-hardened and induction-hardened steel to extend the service life even more.

Smooth Bushings

Bushings are usually produced from carbon or alloy steels, then carburized and case hardened. This heat-treatment, using computer-controlled furnaces, produces high surface hardness for excellent wear with a tough core. Dimensions are carefully controlled to provide a uniform bearing surface and precise fit into the sidebars. Stainless steel bushings are available.

Reliable Rollers

Union® offers a variety of steel grades and heat treatments for rollers. Our standard rollers are fabricated using carbon and alloy steels that are carburized and case hardened. They are heat-treated in computer-controlled furnaces to produce a hard bearing surface with a ductile core. Rollers are also available in stainless steels, various plastics, including Delrin and UHMW, and with plastic inserted sleeves on the rollers.

Precision Manufactured Sidebars

Standard sidebars are made from special grades of carbon or alloy steels to provide tough, long-lasting performance. Stainless steel sidebars are also available for corrosive and high-temperature environments. Pitch and hole size is carefully controlled to enable the chain to fit precisely with sprockets. This provides proper articulation, extending the life of the chain and the sprockets. Look for the "RX" suffix, which indicates heat-treated sidebars. That means even greater strength and toughness. Also, a wide variety of attachments are available.