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RF Conveyor Chain Sprockets
  • Owing to the employment of the independently developed TS400-N material on the tooth-shaped area, a high frequency hardening treatment of the sprocket was achieved. Short notice delivery of this hardened tooth vulcanized sprocket (Strong Series) is available. We are striving for improvement the sprocket's resistance to wear, enhancements of transmission efficiency and lower costs.
  • With our wide range of standardized products ever lower prices are being realized.
  • From the chain which is designed in balance with the strength of the sprocket and usage conditions, the bore of the sprocket and the length of the hub are kept in complete balance.
Design Stock Sprockets
With Wear Indicator  

An option with the RF Conveyor Chain allows you to have a 'limit mark' buried inside.
At the point where the chain roller receives its load, a limit mark is buried. (Depth approximately 3~5mm)
When the sprocket teeth reach the limit of their wear the limit line appears, and a judgement on the life of the sprocket can be easily made.