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Sprockets » Small Conveyor Chains » RF Double pitch chain Finished Bore Sprocket
RF Double pitch chain Finished Bore Sprocket  
Finished bores require no additional calibration.
Product Types
General Use
Finished Bore Series

Standard type of fit bore series

Finished bore and keyway slot, to be used as it is, with the set screw attached.

• Ordinary Parallel Key Installation
(JIS B1301-1976 New JIS Standard)
• Machine keyway slot in accordance with tooth base standard
• Two set screws
(Above keyway or secured at 90° or 120°)
• All items are treated with a dyed black finish
Corrosion Resistant  
Finished Bore Stainless Series

Stainless Series Demonstrating Superior Anti-Corrosion Properties

• Resists rust and the like. Suitable for food production machinery.
• Additional callibration of this finished fit bore is not necessary.